Gift Guide for Him 2022

Gift Guide for Him 2022

I find men more difficult to shop for - usually because they won't tell you exactly what they want ;) Here I've collected some ideas of things I've gifted + will be gifting this year. I know B won't read this blog so I'm safe :) The name of the gift giving game is upgrading and updating things they will actually use. 

1. Hatch Cocktail Shaker, $29.95 / Peak Sphere Ice Mold, $23 I love the look of this cocktail shaker - it would make any shelf or bar tray a little fancier too. I have this sphere ice mold and it makes any drink look so much better. One sphere in a spritz is a perfect portion and melts slowly so you're drink isn't too watered down right away. Pair them together for someone who loves an evening of mixing up fresh cocktails. 

2. Ottolenghi Test Kitchen The newest book from Ottolenghi has a number of easy recipes + things you can make ahead and store to add a little extra something to your dishes. 

3. Tiled Margot Monogram Mug, $14 I love the Anthro bistro collection. Pick up one as an upgrade or a set matching people's initials for a family gift. We love and have these for everyday. Gift it for use at the office too!

4. Everlasting Candle, $75 These candles are soo gorgeous and have been on my wishlist for some time! No drips and they ALWAYS look good. 

5. Herschel Beanie, $25 Classic shape and you can always use a fresh hat through the Canadian winters. 

6. Instax Mini Evo Hybrid Camera/Printer, $250 / Instax mini Link 2, $129.99 For someone who enjoys photography and having prints in hand these Instax products are the way to go. Evo is a super fun buy that comes with 10 lenses and 10 film effects. Use it as a camera or a printer that connects to your phone. If you don't want to bother with another camera and just want the ability to print photos, the mini Link is a great option. I have one of these and it takes the stress out of getting the perfect shot. Take photos on your phone, edit if you want and print to perfection. 

7. Personalized Slim Wallet, $34-$70 This is on B's list this year for when he's wearing dress pants (or for when I don't want one more thing to have to carry in my purse). Look out for sales on Etsy for the best deal! 

8. Sonos Roam Speaker, $200 The gift you can keep giving. This is on the top of my list because you can use speakers individually and take them on the go or use several to create a whole home surround sound (wirelessly). Pair speakers using the app and have the same tunes playing everywhere or split sound between two speakers for a surround sound effect. Start with one or two and keep adding speakers each year. 

9. Wooden Chess and Checkers, $70  A gorgeous board that looks beautiful on a coffee table and is a fun gift for every age. Learn chess or play the simple game of chess as a cozy way to pass winter evenings. 

10. Plissé toaster, $160 The new it brand of home appliances that's beautiful and still a fraction of the cost of Smeg. Upgrade breakfasts and counters in a snap.

11. Libbey Craft Beer Sampler, $35 This was one of B's gifts last year and was a very happy success. I picked up this set of 6 glasses and the corresponding type of beer (lager, stout, etc). I tried to pick ones he hadn't tried yet and created at home beer sampling evenings. 

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