Cozy Modern Living Room Design Plan

     Divya Moraes Cozy Modern Living Room Design
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We are moving to our new home soon and I am so excited to start planning out our home design. I asked you on Instagram stories to help me make a couple decisions and I loved hearing why you would make certain choices. 
I used the West Elm Design Crew Room Planner (free) to sketch out some floor plans. While we are certainly not able to order all the pieces right away, it helps to know what will fit and helped us eliminate some pieces right away.  For example, I have been looking at a few different leather chairs. However most of them would be too big to fit with a comfortable flow of traffic.
It can also be really helpful when we are out shopping. If I come across something I love, I already know what dimensions would fit in our space. I can also add them to my existing pictures of my design plan to see if it would fit together. 
Divya Moraes Living Room Design One Accent Chiar
Divya Moraes Living Room Design Two Accent Chiar
When deciding between one or two chairs, the vote was decidedly favoured for one chair. This chair isn't available in leather in Canada, but I'll keep an eye out for something similar. 
Comparing blue and pink Phoebe and Book Nook west Elm Chair
I am also considering a couple upholstered options. The top chair is called the Phoebe chair and the bottom is the Book Nook. The Book Nook in blue overwhelmingly won your votes but I am still considering the blush pink colour! This is the one piece in the room that I am debating if I will love for a long time if I chose the pink. 
We did order our sectional ( Lounge Petite Right Arm Sofa Lounge Petite Corner Lounge Petite Left Arm Bumper in Taft Cement), ottoman (Tillie Ottoman in Darius Anthracite) and rug. The rug will be delivered tomorrow and the couch & ottoman in 22 - 24 weeks! I am hoping there are no further delays and we can have our furniture by Christmas! 
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